Welcome to Team NEON.   Natural Essential Oils NOW!

Have you ever wondered about the chemicals that abound in our modern world?  The ones we breath?  The ones we eat?  The ones we apply to our skin?  They’re everywhere you look.  Chemicals are important to many aspects of our lives, but are they good for us?  Are they more harmful than good?

Our family is embarking on a journey of discovery.  We’ve joined the Young Living – Essential Oils community and are beginning to learn how to do things differently.  A diffuser quietly permeates our home with the beautiful fragrance of natural oils.  Our aching joints and sore muscles are being soothed by the amazing properties found in Essential Oils.  These are healthy alternatives to the many perfumed fragrances and other products made with synthetic ingredients that are so common in our homes.

We plan to share more as we learn and delve into this new adventure, so check back soon to see what’s happening.

In health,

Steven & Tracey